Hawks’ Win Streak: Dike Eddleman

win streak 18


18 wins in a row.

This team, man. This team.


Four people have worn the number 18 in Hawks’ franchise history. None since 1969, none for more than two seasons, and none who show up in Google image search. SO THIS ONE IS A LITTLE UNSATISFACTORY CONSIDERING THAT AMAZING WIN, I’M SORRY.

We’ll go with Dike Eddleman, who played two seasons for the Tri-Cities Blackhawks with the number 18. And… yeah that’s pretty much all I’ve got. Here, watch Jeff Teague cross up some Trail Blazers instead of a history lesson.

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Hawks’ Win Streak: Jon Barry

Mandatory Credit: Matthew Stockman  /Allsport

Mandatory Credit: Matthew Stockman /Allsport

After a brutal start, the Hawks cruised to a 113-102 win over Brooklyn for their 17th win in a row. This win is doubly important in keeping the Nets (and their draft pick — which the Hawks have the rights to) out of the playoffs and in the lottery.


This was a particularly difficult number to peg down for the win streak counter, because no Hawk has ever worn it for more than three seasons. Jon Barry gets the call for his first stop in Atlanta during the 1996-1997 season — he wore 20 for his 16 games in 2004.

Barry comes from a legendary basketball family. His father Rick — and his underhand free throws — is a hall of famer and two of his three brothers (Drew and Brent) also played in the NBA, with the third, Scooter, winning an NCAA title with Kansas in 1988. He finished his college career at Georgia Tech and was drafted in the first round of the 1992 NBA Draft– though he refused to sign a contract with the Celtics and sat out his first season.

Other than the draft issue, Barry played a relatively innocuous NBA career. He played for eight different teams — though Atlanta was the only franchise he played for twice — and was a perfectly acceptable backup guard for all 14 years of his career. Barry started just 36 of the 821 games he played in, averaging 5.7 points and 2.2 assists per game.

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Hawks’ Win Streak: Cliff Hagan

Cliff Hagan

16. The Atlanta Hawks have won 16 games in a row. I’m not sure when this will (inevitably) end, but it’s been honestly incredible.

Paul Millsap led the way in the 112-100 victory over the Timberwolves tonight with 20 points in a game that the Hawks controlled from start to finish. Al Horford added 19 on 8/9 shooting in another spectacular effort that saw six Hawks finish with double-digit points.

Next game: vs. Brooklyn Nets. January 28, 8pm. ESPN.


Anyways, onto today’s number. We’re stretching a little bit here, since Hagan never actually played in Atlanta (he retired in 1966, just two years before the Hawks would leave St. Louis), but he’s a remarkably important player in franchise history.

We’ll gloss over the truly unique college career Hagan enjoyed at Kentucky — unfortunately the best link is from Wikipedia, but check it out anyways — and start with the 1956 NBA Draft. The Hawks held the second pick in that draft — which would become Bill Russell — and famously traded it to the Boston Celtics for Hagan (who was serving in the military at the time) and Ed Macauley.

Losing the rights to Russell — an eventual 11-time NBA champion and one of the greatest players in league history — is hard to defend in retrospect, but Hagan had a Hall of Fame career in his own right for the Hawks. His second season in 1958 produced the only championship in franchise history.

Perhaps most importantly, Hagan is remembered for being one of the only Hawks’ white stars at the time to welcome African-American teammates. Lenny Wilkens in particular remembered Hagan as a teammate who helped him adjust to life in St. Louis.


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Hawks’ Win Streak: Al Horford

Al HorfordWith a huge win against the Thunder, the Hawks now have a franchise-best 15 wins in a row. With a mostly soft schedule upcoming, it’s hard to keep from wondering just how much longer this will go on. Ideally, the Hawks will set an NBA record and extend the streak to 37, a number that no player in Atlanta history has ever worn.



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Elton Brand is going to have to pay up on this one.

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Hawk’s Win Streak: Charlie Criss

Charlie Criss

Always nice to beat the Pacers. Even better when we can get a Korver dunk out of the deal too. This win — the 14th in a row — matches the franchise record for a win streak

Charlie Criss made three different stops in Atlanta throughout his NBA career. The guard stood 5’8 and, interestingly, was signed from the Washington Generals (Yes, those Washington Generals) onto the Atlanta roster in 1977.

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This is the first time Kyle Korver has dunked in a game since 2012, so let’s go nuts.

Update: This gets even better

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Hawks Have Gospel Choir Introduce Starting Lineups; Remain the Best

This is what happens when you hire the creator of “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” to be your CEO, I suppose. The Hawks are the coolest team in the NBA right now, and that’s just such an unbelievably weird sentence to type out.

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Great Moments in Specialist History: Seahawks Punter Does “The Belt”

So, somehow everyone missed this during the game, but Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan did “The Belt” right in Mike McCarthy’s grill after throwing a touchdown pass in the NFC Championship.

Every defensive lineman who has sacked Aaron Rodgers in the last four years has done the same stupid dance — some less successfully than others — but Ryan’s celebration had a purpose to it. He was cut in 2008 by McCarthy and the Packers, and told USA Today that he’s been dreaming of a moment like this ever since his release.

As a former kicker/punter, this site will remain dedicated to covering all of the tremendous athletic accomplishments of kickers and punters from this day forward. Thanks, Jon Ryan, and welcome to your rightful honor owning a Great Moment in Specialist History.

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Hawks’ Win Streak: Boris Diaw

Boris DiawIt may have been the worst game the Hawks have played all season this afternoon, and they still won by 11 to stretch the win streak to 13. This team, man.



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