The Peach Bowl is BACK.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

After an eight-year absence, Peach is returning to the name of Atlanta’s college-football bowl game.

Chick-fil-A Bowl officials have scheduled a news conference for Monday to announce that the bowl’s name will revert to Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.

Gary Stokan, president of the bowl, confirmed the plan today to the AJC.

“It got down to what is our history, what is our heritage, what is our tradition and how can we pay homage to that in our name,” Stokan said.

“We undertook research to find out what is the best name and how it fits with the bowl. That’s how we got back to Peach. We felt it was important to the fans, to the staff and to the volunteers who have committed to the bowl through the years.”

It’s about damn time. I never stopped calling the Peach Bowl by its real name, so this is a welcome change from whatever the corporate name the last few years has been. Long live the Peach Bowl.

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Meet the Bag Man gets the Taiwanese video treatment

Steven Godfrey’s excellent piece about illegal payments in college football finally hit the big time, getting its own video from the Taiwanese animation team. If you haven’t already, be sure to go read the piece and try to pretend your school is above such behavior. SPOILER ALERT: It isn’t. Your beloved college football team does not play by all the rules because no one does.

Recruits get paid, players get paid, everyone gets paid under the table. NCAA rules are an absolute joke, but even allowing players to be paid wouldn’t stop this. Like Godfrey says in the article, these guys will try to get any kind of advantage they can. The bag men exist and always will in college sports as long as there is something to be gained for the football program.

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Even the Secret Service hates Mr. Met

Fox News:

The man who once dressed as the New York Mets mascot, Mr. Met, wrote in his new memoir that a Secret Service agent once warned him not to approach President Clinton at the ballpark or the agent will “go for the kill shot.”

The New York Post reported that A.J. Mass worked as the team’s mascot from 1994 to 1997. He recalls in his memoir, “Yes, It’s Hot in Here: Adventures in the Weird, Woolly World of Sports Mascots,” Jackie Robinson’s 50th anniversary at Shea Stadium, which was attended by Clinton in 1997.

He writes that the agent told him that they have snipers around the stadium. Mass recalls the agent saying, “Like I said, do whatever it is you normally do. Nobody will bother you. But approach the president, and we go for the kill shot. Are we clear?” The agent repeated the line twice, Mass writes.

Can you really blame the Secret Service here? Mr. Met is not to be trusted. Him attempting to assassinate the President wouldn’t even surprise me. Watching the Mets for that long has that effect on people.

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I Can’t Even with this Florida parody of “Royals”

Everyone should stop making these parody videos. Right now.

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Jim Rome is still getting paid for Space Jam

I’ve seen Space Jam no less than 120 times in my life, and I had no idea Jim Rome was in the movie until this tweet. Thanks to some excellent internet detectives, we’ve got proof that this actually happened:

So that performance is worth $6.38 more than 17 years after the movie was released. I need to get into the movies.

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Columbus welcomes Atlanta to the MLS

Shots fired. Can’t wait for the soccer-themed Killer Mike diss track coming out later in response to this. People don’t forget, Columbus.

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This is how you celebrate catching a home run

There are two acceptable way to celebrate catching a home run if you are a grown adult: hand the ball to a kid, or bust out the Nae Nae because you earned this moment. You deserve this. So go on and drop that thunder, adult who brought his baseball glove to a Texas Rangers game, because you’re a real American hero.

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Foot Locker does it again with Damian Lillard and sad Karl Malone

Foot Locker knocked it out of the park with last year’s “All is Right” commercial, and the store you’ve never bought anything from  sportswear giant is back at it with Damian Lillard and “No Rings”. Every commercial needs sad Karl Malone.

Side Note: Do yourself a favor and do a Google image search for “Sad Karl Malone”. You won’t be disappointed.

Sad Karl Malone


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Bubba celebrates at Waffle House

Because of course he did.

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This is how you say goodbye

Teemu Selanne and Jean-Sebastien Giguere played in (likely) their last regular season games ever last night. Each was an integral part of Anaheim’s 2007 Stanley Cup champion team, and got a proper sendoff from the fans in the Honda Center. This is as close to a perfect moment as we get for retiring players.

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