Inside the NBA crew takes on Donald Sterling

I’ll save my thoughts on Sterling for now, because this story is just going to get a whole lot weirder in the next few weeks, but the Inside the NBA guys absolutely nailed this one. I’d listen to Charles Barkley talk about anything, but he’s especially good in chaotic moments like this one.

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Hawks vs. Pacers, Game 3: So this is happening?

There are games where everything just goes right for a team. This wasn’t one of those games. The Hawks didn’t play a great basketball game, but it was miles better than the game the Pacers played.

Jeff Teague’s ridiculous three with the shot clock winding down was a huge bright spot, as was Kyle Korver rediscovering his stroke in the second half, but the team did not play well. And that’s comforting, because it means the Hawks don’t have to be at their best.

The team shot just 38% from the field, Jeff Teague was inefficient (but still very good) and needed 20 shots to accumulate 22 points, and the Hawks went long stretches without scoring. Still, the Pacers looked even worse and made Larry Bird a very sad man.

The Pacers are on the ropes now. A win on Saturday would put this series out of reach, and set up that Hawks-Wizards conference semifinals everyone is clamoring for. A loss gives Indiana home-court advantage back and may give the Pacers just enough of a breather to actually get it together and take the series against a less-talented team.

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Watch Outkast score 404 points in a game because you know you want to

If you haven’t been following Jon Bois’ “Breaking Madden” and “NBA Y2K” this year, then you’ve missed out on hands-down the most entertaining series on the internet. Basically, he takes all the stupid roster tweaks you used to do as a kid and puts them on steroids to purposely screw with the game. Go lose yourself in the chaos of those links above.

Well Mr. Bois has finally gotten around to his most important manipulation yet — creating an Atlanta Hawks roster composed of The Dungeon Family, Dikembe Mutombo and Dominique Wilkins. Go read the whole thing right now.

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State College Spikes’ jerseys are not unusual

If every walk-up song isn’t replaced with “It’s Not Unusual” then someone needs to get fired. Having Carlton in the house is always a special occasion, and has to be celebrated accordingly.

Though I’ve gotta say, if you’re inviting Carlton to the ballpark then the jerseys really should be mock-sweatervests. Will was the one with the funky colors and graffiti. But whatever, cool promotion nonetheless.

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Herschel Walker says he could still play in the NFL at 52 In a wry twist of fate, Herschel Walker is best remembered by NFL fans as the losing end of football’s most lopsided blockbuster trade that ultimately played a pivotal role in constructing the Dallas Cowboys‘ dynasty of the early 1990s.

There was a reason the Minnesota Vikings surrendered an unprecedented five players and six draft picks for Walker.

He was one of the most uniquely talented phenoms ever to grace the gridiron.

Now 52, the man who once upon a time routinely cranked out3,000 situps, 2,000 pushups and 1,500 pullups on a daily basis told USA Today’s Jarrett Bell that he could still suit up and hold his own at football’s highest level.

I can play in the NFL today,” Walker insists. “I couldn’t take every snap. But running backs nowadays don’t play every down. Now they send in the choir section.

“Physically, I can still do it.”

Does anyone have any doubts that Herschel could still put up four yards a carry in the league? Last we saw Herschel, he was beating up professional fighters in his late 40s. The Falcons could use a new third-down guy; don’t waste a draft pick on a running back when Herschel Walker is sitting right there. Now that it’s out there, we have to see this happen.

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That’s not legal, Josh McRoberts

Oh come on, Josh McRoberts. At least try to play defense. You aren’t playing for Duke anymore.

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Michael Pineda is not sneaky

In case you were wondering, this is not how you hide pine tar while pitching in a major league baseball game. It’s unbelievable for a guy to do something this stupid less than two weeks after everyone watching on TV already saw him do it to the exact same team.

No baseball guy cares if a pitcher uses pine tar. Tons of pitchers do it. But breaking the rules this blatantly deserves an ejection. Put the pine tar in your glove, your hat, or anywhere but out in the open on your neck. I used to keep a pine tar rag in my pocket during high school JV games. It’s not hard to keep it discreet.

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Hawks vs. Pacers, Game Two: Back To Normal

Forget it. Move on. Next two games are in The Highlight Factory. Win Game 3 and the pressure is right back on the Pacers.

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Braves/Marlins pull off the unthinkable

Just an absolutely unbelievable game. Alex Wood and Jose Fernandez were dealing the entire game, and two great hits by the Marlins were the difference. It should go unsaid that this game is an excellent example of why a pitcher’s win-loss record is absolutely meaningless.

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Kevin Durant is ridiculous

Kevin Durant is like playing NBA Love 2007 with the shot meter turned on so you can see exactly when to release every bomb. He isn’t fair. Also:

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